Teaching IELTS

Teaching IELTS - методический курс для преподавателей, готовящих студентов к сдаче экзамена IELTS-International English Language Testing System.

Требования к кандидатам:

  • Уровень языка: C1 CEFR (Advanced)
  • Course programme

Процедура отбора:

  • Заполнение и подача формы-заявки application form и pre-interview task
  • Устное собеседование с тренером курса
  • Формат онлайн (Zoom)
  • Курс проводится при минимальном наборе участников 8 человек


  • overview of the IELTS test and all its components
  • what makes a good IELTS prep course teacher
  • differences and similarities between teaching exam classes and general English classes
  • focus on the learners
  • designing and conducting first lessons (needs analyses, diagnostics)
  • lessons and course design in the context of IELTS preparation
  • test taking tips and strategies for all four skills
  • demonstrations of practical activities for all skills preparation, incl. ideas sharing workshop, micro-teaching, and mini demo lessons
  • balancing testing and teaching
  • underlying theory to help design own tasks, lessons, and courses
  • assessment and ways of giving feedback
  • teaching IELTS in different contexts (e.g. 1-to-1, mixed ability classes etc.)
  • what to expect and how to deal with common problems
  • an IELTS speaking mock test (in case of interest)


100% attendance, active participation in the sessions / workshops and demo lessons, completion of 1 reflective assignment (3 parts)

О курсе:

Teaching IELTS
Дата курса:10.06.2024 - 21.06.2024
Режим:Intensive ONLINE
Окончание приема заявок:05.06.2024
Время занятий:каждый день, с понедельника по пятницу, с 11.00 - 14.00

Стоимость :200 000 тенге тенге
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