Short Refresher Courses for English Teacher

Our Short Refresher courses offer teachers a chance to keep up to date on the latest methods of teaching English and provide an opportunity to share their experience and exchange views. The price for the training is 50 000 tenge for one participant, and we require a minimum of 8 participants to run the course successfully.

April 2024 (Saturday, April 20)

Session 1


Communicative games and activities Do you struggle to engage students and keep them focused? The session will help you find ways of dealing with low levels of learner participation during your lessons.

Session 2


Reading can be fun! A fresh look at boring coursebook reading texts and tasks. Learn how to make reading engaging and useful for your learners.

Session 3


Learner Autonomy What is Learner Autonomy and how to make your students independent learners? This session provides practical tools and ideas.

April 2024 (Sunday, April 21st)

Session 4


Artificial Intelligence in EFL classroom As modern teachers we should keep up with modern technology and develop new ways of making the most out of it. The session looks at AI tools and what it can do to make our planning easier as well as how it can be used by learners efficiently.

Session 5


Dealing with mixed-ability classes This session will look at ways of dealing with this issue and equip you with practical solutions to plan and teach your mixed-ability groups more effectively.

Session 6


Professional Development If you are here, it means you care about your professional development! We will discuss a number of ways you can continue developing as a teacher and improving your teaching skills.
Short Refresher
Дата курса:Апрель 2024 г
Окончание приема заявок:14.03.2024
Минимальное количество:10 человек

Стоимость:50 000 тенге
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