Short Refresher Courses for English Teachers


The price for a 12 hour training is 30 000 tenge (old price) for one participant and we require a minimum of 10 participants.

Course Programme (Almaty)

Course Programme

Thursday 15 July 2021

1. GTKY; Effective classroom management I 10.00-11.30

Getting to know each other and group bonding.

This session is dedicated to look at effective classroom management techniques such as giving and checking instructions so that your students are always aware of what, how and why they do in the classroom.

2. Effective classroom management II 11.45-13.15

Interaction patterns and error correction

3. Meaningful Reading and Listening tasks 14.15-15.45

Join the session to find out how to create meaningful lead-in activities, create your own gist tasks as well as follow-up speaking / writing activities that will benefit your students and help them improve their receptive skills

4. Adapting course book 16.00-17.30

Are you tired of the same True / False exercises and want to impress your students with something new, yet useful? In this session we will discuss how to adapt course book tasks into engaging and motivating activities.

Friday 16 July 2021

5. Practical ideas: speaking skills 10.00-11.30

In this session we will share a set of fun, yet meaningful activities to develop Speaking skills.

6. Practical ideas: Grammar 11.45-13.15

Grammar exercises don’t have to be dull and monotonous. After attending this session you’ll definitely look at grammar tasks from a different angle.

7. Working with vocabulary 14.15-15.45

How do you work with Vocabulary? How do you practice / revise Vocabulary with your students? This session is aimed at giving you some practical ideas of how to practice lexis in isolation and in context.

8. Classroom games 16.00-17.30

Classroom games can be a meaningful part of your lesson plan to let your students practice language and skills while having a blast. We will teach you how to create games using your and your learners’ resources.

In order to take part in this course you need to download the Application form and to send it to the following address:

15 - 16 July 2021, Deadline: 5 July 2021 - Offline (Almaty)

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