28th June 2020

Sunday, 28th June

11:00-14:15 (15 min break)

IELTS speaking and IELTS reading FAQ.

IELTS SPEAKING - One of the things students typically struggle with at the beginning of the course is speaking. In this session, we will attempt to examine what is expected of the candidate and how to adjust to the requirement and produce a develop, logically organised and fluent response

IELTS READING a tough with the ultimate goal of accomplishing all the tasks in one hour being seemingly unachievable at first. Yet, there are a number of ways to help students handle this effectively. In this session, we will have a closer look at the key reading strategies to possibly help them maximize their reading score.

Date: 28th June 2020

Price: 10 000 KZT

Min number of candidates: 6

For registration please download the form or contact InterPress Teacher Training Centre