Cambridge DELTA Module 2 Preparation Course

(Online course)

Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages

Course duration: 10 weeks (Sundays only)

Dates: 5th February - 14th May, 2022

Time: 09:00 -15:00 (Almaty time)

Price: 200.000 KZT

Who is the course for?

The Pre-Module 2 course aims at prospective Delta M2 candidates who would like to get better prepared for the intensive course.

About the course

The guided reading and discussions covering the key areas of the Delta M2 syllabus, familiarization with the course structure and components as well as assessment, and the opportunity to teach an unassessed Delta-like lesson (including writing the plan, the background essay, reflection and receiving feedback (including a written report) on it aligned to the Delta M2 assessment criteria should all reduce the stress on the course, help candidates perform better and widen their existing knowledge base. It can also help those who are not certain whether they are ready for M2, or whether they need more time reading and preparing.


The course is delivered fully online (the unassessed lessons can be taught either online or recorded). There are ten 90-minute sessions spread across ten weeks. The course is supported by the course Moodle, and is taught by experienced Delta tutors.

For more details and application form please contact:

Marina Vyskrebentseva (Head of Teacher Training Department)

Telephone: +7 701 365 53 50, +7 747 980 84 66

Tamara Lozovaya (Teacher Training Department Admin)

Telephone: +7 747 980 84 66