Course Review

Stefania, online CELTA July 2020

“Online, no teaching experience, different time zone as I couldn’t travel to Almaty-I really wasn’t sure if I should do the CELTA course this summer. But in the end, thanks to the support of IH InterPress and our great tutors it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The course is challenging but extremely rewarding. You start teaching on the second day which initially feels completely crazy but with all the input you get it is made possible. And nothing feels better at the end of the day than knowing that not only you learned something but that you also taught someone something. I can only recommend Celta if you want to advance your career.”

E. Roozbahani, CELTA Online student, 18 Dec 2021

“CELTA course was the best course I have ever had in my life. I had never imagined I could have my CELTA online and I am glad I chose InterPress IH Almaty. I loved how compassionate and encouraging my tutors were all through the course. They provided the most useful feedback to me and guided me with their insightful advice to improve my teaching skills. I recommend English teachers or anyone interested in gaining international qualification in TEFL to participate in this life-changing course as it will inspire you in your career greatly by delineating the path for you in its most professionally perfect way.”

M. Lalremtluanga, CELTA Online student, 18 Dec 2021

“I took the course with the hope of improving as a teacher. It was an intensive course and required a lot of hard work and I'm really glad to have done the course. The tutors are amazing and I've learned a lot from them.”