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Oxford Essential Dictionary

Format: 216 x 137 mm

488 pages

Elementary and



Learn the most important words - and how to use them.

2,000 keywords. 500 notes on spelling, grammar and speaking. 1,100 synonyms and opposites. 120 pronunciation boxes. 19,000 British and American words. 13,000 examples. 400 illustrations and photos. 16 colour pages. 16 study pages. CD-ROM.






Oxford Wordpower Dictionary

Format: 196 x 128 mm

912 pages

Intermediate to



Builds your vocabulary - fast!

Oxford 3000™ keywords. Topic Notes. Shortcuts. 46,000+words, phrases and meanings. 36,000 examples. 1,000+ new words. 4,400+ collocations. 3,200+ grammar patterns. 1,400+ phrasal verbs. 2,600 idioms. 600 notes. 200+ illustrations. CD-ROM. Trainer booklet.






Oxford Student's Dictionary

Format: 217 x 138 ram

806 pages

Upper-Intermediate to Advanced B2-C1

More words and more support to help you use English to study other subjects.

52,000 words, phrases, and meanings with curricular words highlighted. New collocations and thesaurus boxes. 40 reference pages. Over 200 illustrations and diagrams. Oxford 3000™ keywords marked. Academic Word List words marked. CD-ROM.






Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Format: 233 x 157 mm

1,920 pages

Upper-Intermediate to Advanced B2-C2

More words and more support than any other advanced learner's dictionary.

183,500 words, phrases and meanings, 85,000 examples, 2,000 new words, 7,000 synonyms and opposites, Oxford 3000™ keywords, 700 World English words, 2,600 cultural words, 2,000 words illustrated, 32 colour pages, 96 study pages. CD-ROM.






Oxford Business English Dictionary

Format: 217x138 mm

640 pages

Intermediate to Advanced B1-C2

All the help and information you need to do business in English.

30,000 words, phrases, and meanings, real examples from a new corpus, common phrases showing words you always use together. Help notes. Illustrations. Study pages. CD-ROM.






Oxford Collocations Dictionaiy Format: 234 x 156 mm 897 pages

Upper-Intermediate to Advanced B2-C2

Helps students write and speak natural-sounding English.

150,000 collocations of 9,000 nouns, verbs and adjectives. 50,000+ examples. 25 usage notes on collocations shared by sets of words. 10 illustrated topic pages. 16-page photocopiable study section.






Oxford Learner's Thesaurus Format: 234 x 156 mm 1,024 pages

Upper-Intermediate to Advanced B2 -C2

No two words are exactly the same - use the learner's thesaurus that explains the difference.

17,000 synonyms and opposites. 4,000 notes. A-Z and topic indexes. 16 Study pages. 9-page Trainer. 7 illustrated Topic Maps. CD-ROM.






Oxford Phrasal Verbs Dictionary Format: 195 x 130 mm 398 pages

Intermediate to Advanced B1-C2

Understand phrasal verbs and use them - confidently!

12,000 examples. 2,000 synonyms and opposites. 12,000 grammar codes. 20 photocopiable study pages. Guide to the particles.






Oxford Idioms Dictionaiy Format: 195x130 mm 469 pages

Intermediate to Advanced B1-C2

Understand and use over 10,000 English idioms!

Over 10,000 English idioms with examples of how to use them. 100s of notes. Cartoon illustrations. Practical exercises. Study pages.